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Kiss you a thousand times -- Blue (7th Feb 23 at 12:33am UTC)
Wu Jingyi saw several people come in and laughed a few times. "I've been waiting for you for a long time." Chi Xing rolled his eyes, "Wu Jingyi, you are waiting for us, you are specially waiting for Ruan Ran." Few people in this man's company could not see that the eyes of the single beautiful little girl were about to fall out, not to mention the beauty of Ruan Ran. Wu Jingyi himself did not deny it, and laughed, "who says it's not? Today Ruan Ran is the protagonist. Don't steal the limelight." That's what I said. Ruan Ran smiled awkwardly, "I'm not the protagonist, just be happy together." Wu Jingyi suggested, "Ruan Ran, why don't you sit next to me? I'll take care of you." Chi Xing "cut", "sit next to you, not equivalent to sheep into the wolf's mouth ah, Ruan ran, sit next to me, away from this lady-killer." Everyone burst into laughter,Adhesive fish ruler, and Wu Jingyi was a little embarrassed. Ruan ran also took advantage of the opportunity to sit next to Chi Xing. Everyone came to a barbecue shop today. It was smoky and the atmosphere was very good. It was a very suitable place for dinner. When eating barbecue, Ruan Ran has been slowly and leisurely taking lettuce leaves to roll the meat slices that have been roasted, then adding some seasonings, and finally wrapping them and putting them into his mouth. She felt that it tasted good when she ate like this. After all, the place she came to today tasted good. But Chi Xing looked at Ruan Ran with a look of disapproval, "Ruan Ran,fish measuring tape, what are you doing?" Ruan ran looked at Chi Xing in puzzlement. "Sister Chi, what's wrong?" Chi Xing asked incredulously, "Did you always eat like this just now?" "Yes." What's the matter? Chi Xing shook his head and said, "You have no soul to eat barbecue like this." "Soul?" "Yes, I'll teach you how to eat." With that, Chi Xing went straight to work. She wrapped the roast meat and garlic cloves with seasoning directly in the lettuce and said to Ruan Ran, "Ah-" Ruan ran couldn't help retreating for a moment and said with a dry smile, "Sister Chi.." I don't eat garlic. Chi Xing twisted his eyebrows. "How can this be? Haven't you ever heard of a sentence?" "What?" "If you eat meat instead of garlic, the flavor will be reduced by half." “…………” "You believe in your sister. It's absolutely delicious. It tastes much better than the dry food you eat." Chi Xing said in all sincerity and seriousness. Ruan ran looked at the thing in Chi Xing's hand and took it hesitantly. Chi Xing looked longingly at Ruan Ran and cheered her up. "You taste it, it really tastes good." Ruan ran simply put the whole lettuce wrapped meat into his mouth without doing anything. His cheeks were bulging and he looked like a hamster. She didn't chew fast at first, but then her eyebrows slowly opened. Looking at her expression, tape measure clip ,cattle weight tape, Chi Xing knew that he had succeeded in Amway. How about it? Does it smell good? Ruan ran nodded with some embarrassment. Do you want another one? "Good.." In this way, driven by Chi Xing, Ruan ran did not know how many garlic cloves she had eaten this night, and she could smell the fresh smell coming from her mouth when she breathed. A little ecstatic. It's a little more pungent, but it's undeniable that the flavor is a little richer. Chi Xing looked at Ruan Ran, who was struggling with himself, and said boldly, "It's all right. Just eat a few pieces of chewing gum on the way back." Chewing gum. Ruan ran really bought it on the way back and ate it, but she found that even if she ate the gum, the smell would last for a long time. Ruan Ran: ".." Fortunately, I'm getting home soon, and I don't have to see anyone. The smell should recede a lot when I get up early tomorrow morning. In this way, Ruan ran did not have too much psychological burden in his heart. After stopping the car, Ruan ran went into the house. What is different from the past is that today's living room seems to be a bit lively, with constant laughter coming over. Ruan ran paused, thinking that someone had come to the house today? She was just about to take a look when she heard someone calling her name in the living room. Is Ran Ran back? It's Ruan Dong's voice.
A few seconds later, Mo Fang came over and said with a smile, "Ran Ran, why did you just come back?" "What's the matter?" Ruan ran asked. There's a guest in the house. Guess who it is. Mo Fang winked mysteriously at Ruan Ran. …… Who "Just come and see." Ruan ran did not have time to refuse, was pulled by Mo Fang in the past. It turned out that the person sitting in the middle of the living room was Gu Mofei. Gu Mofei's long legs were placed under the tea table, a long and slender palm was holding the Zixuan teacup in his hand, and his nails were clean and neat, but it was enough to look at the palm to please the eye. Maybe he was sitting with Ruan Dong drinking tea. When Ruan ran saw Gu Mofei, he blinked his eyes and asked, "Why are you here?" Gu Mofei looked over with a pair of black eyes and turned up the corners of his lips. Ruan ran "Tut", "Ran Ran, how to speak, Mo Fei is a guest at home." Ruan Ran: ".." "My father asked me to give your uncle Ruan some gifts," said Gu Mofei with a smile. Gift? Ruan ran took a look around, and sure enough, he sent some high-end gifts. It's just that he's a little too unfortunate to come here today. The next second, Ruan Dong waved to Ruan Ran, "Ran Ran, come here and talk to us." Ruan Ran: ".." The more you are afraid of something, the more you get something. Chapter 31 Ruan ran thought for a moment, then touched his neck with his palm and coughed lightly, "that." I'm not feeling well today. You can talk first. I'll go back to my room to rest and get together another day. Ruan ran finished ready to go back to the room,Surveyors tape measure, did not expect to go up to the second floor after the discovery of Gu Mofei did not know when to appear behind him. Ruan ran looked back at him in surprise. "Why are you here?" Gu Mofei replied calmly, "I just heard that you are not feeling well, so I want to come and see you." “……” 。
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