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Super Soldier King (6th Feb 23 at 8:33am UTC)
The voice fell, and several guards at the door came in. These were all the confidants of Ueda Qihai, at least, in his opinion. He has been in the Black Dragon Society for so long, how can he not have a few loyal subordinates? No one is allowed to say anything about today, do you know? Ueda Qihai said in a harsh voice, "If I know who leaked what happened today, don't blame me for being rude.". Also, leave two people here, and the others go back to get ready. It won't be long before we have a new beginning. Follow me, and you will be guaranteed endless splendor and wealth. But if you betray me, you should know what the consequences will be. With that, Ueda waved his hand and motioned them out. Ye Qian naturally did not know about these things. Otherwise, Ye Qian would never have left Ueda Qihai behind. He would never allow anyone under his control to have bad intentions, which he could never tolerate, whether it was the Black Dragon Society or other people. However, after leaving the villa of Shangtian Qihai, Ye Qian received a phone call from the little girl Yaoyao and rushed straight over. Therefore, it is not clear about these things. The little girl Yaoyao called, saying that she had something to discuss with Ye Qian, but also in a serious tone. Ye Qian did not know what the ghost spirit was up to, but Ye Qian still rushed over. Also do not know why, Ye Qian always felt that with this little girl Yaoyao or quite happy to get along, is also a friend who forgets the year? As for Li Ming,heavy duty metal racks, Ye Qian let him go back first. Believe that it should not be a big deal, so, Ye Qian still want to rush over to have a look, besides, in Ye Qian's heart there is still a mystery that has not been solved, such as a lump in the throat, very uncomfortable, he naturally wants to go over to have a look. If there is a chance,cantilever racking system, check it again, maybe there will be news. After arriving at Yanwu's villa, Ye Qian went straight in. There is no guard here, after all, Yanwu's identity is still very different, the people of Tianzhao will not hit her idea, so she does not need any guard. In the living room, I saw the little girl Yaoyao alone on the sofa, holding a bag of potato chips in her hand. There is no figure of Yan Wu. Hearing the noise, the little girl Yaoyao turned her head and saw that it was Ye Qian. She jumped down from the sofa and said, "Big brother, are you here?" With a slight smile, Ye Qian said, Where is your Elder Martial Sister? She's not at home? The little girl Yaoyao blinked her eyes and said with a smile, "Big brother, you don't want to do something harmful while my elder martial sister is not at home, do you?" That mischievous look in the eyes said as if there was really such a thing, industrial racking systems ,warehousing storage solutions, let Ye Qian some dumbfounding. Shaking his head helplessly, Ye Qian said, "Little girl, what are you talking about?". Your senior sister is cold all day, as if I owe her millions. I always feel uncomfortable when I talk to her. I'm a little nervous in front of her. How interesting Are you nervous? Who believes it? The little girl Yaoyao curled her mouth and said, "However, elder brother, my elder sister is still very good, but her character is a little cooler.". You'd better think about it. Don't refuse my proposal so quickly. Really, if you marry my elder martial sister, you will be very happy. The little girl Yaoyao looks like Wang Po selling melons and boasting herself. Helplessly rolled his eyes, Ye Qian said, "Come on, don't talk about it.". You didn't call me here to say that, did you? Is there something you want to tell me? The little girl Yaoyao was slightly stupefied. She put away the laughing expression on her face. She took a deep breath and looked very serious. She said, "Big brother, I've thought about it. I think you're right." As soon as Ye Qian was stupefied, some of the two monks could not touch the back of their heads. Their faces were at a loss. They asked in surprise, "What am I right about?"? What do you mean? I'm confused by you. Can you speak more clearly? Giving Ye Qian a white look, the little girl Yaoyao said, "Can you not interrupt?"? People are brewing emotions. Can't you let people finish their words at one time? Ye Qian was slightly stupefied, but with a wry smile, he did not speak again.
This time, he was choked by the little girl Yaoyao, and he almost didn't know why. After a pause, the little girl Yaoyao went on to say, "Didn't you tell my Elder Martial Sister yesterday that I should go to Yuedu to inherit the position of leader of Yuedu?"? I have thought about it. I think you are right. Even if I stay here, I believe that Fujita will not let me go. It is better to take the initiative than to be in a passive situation. In that case, I will have an advantage. Moreover, I have also thought that if I inherit the position of the leader of the Moon Reading, then I can use the power of the Moon Reading to deal with Amaterasu and help Sister Yanwu kill the villain Oda Changfeng. Ye Qian could not help but be stupefied for a moment, some did not think that the little girl Yaoyao was so sensible, but much smarter than Yan Wu. With a slight smile, Ye Qian said, "It seems that you are smarter than your elder martial sister.". But you can tell your elder martial sister about this. Why do you tell me? With an angry look at Ye Qian, the little girl Yaoyao said, "Don't you understand that?"? If I told my senior sister, she would not agree. So, I have to ask you for help, you take me to the month to read, everything becomes a foregone conclusion, even if my elder sister does not agree, then there is no way ah? My senior sister loves me the most, and she will help me when the time comes. Shaking his head repeatedly, Ye Qian said, "No, your elder martial sister loves you the most, but she doesn't love me at all.". When the time comes, you will not blame you, but will blame me for the responsibility, thinking that I encouraged you to do so, when the time comes,industrial racking systems, I will not be scolded. If you're not careful, you might even kill me. No, I won't do that. 。
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