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The brave are invincible (6th Feb 23 at 8:31am UTC)
By this time the sea, not far from the shore, was rolling with waves! Jiuquan Jushi shouted, "Big Bao, you have to save him quickly. There are many masters of the enemy on that side, and now they are fighting very fiercely." Bao Shude stayed in the boat for a long time before he led Princess Xu and Princess Chang out of the cabin. As soon as Jiuquan Jushi saw them, he hurriedly said, "How are the two princesses?" Princess Xu sighed, "We were just touched by the acupoint. I didn't expect to meet the householder again!" Jiuquan Jushi wondered, "I've heard that the Bloody Basin has locked you up in the West Tianmu Mountain. Why are you on this boat?" Princess Chang shook her head and said, "We've been on this boat ever since we were robbed by Long Tianfang. I'm afraid the so-called West Tianmu Mountain is a trap!" Jiuquan Jushi said solemnly, "This is really an unexpected thing. Bloody Basin is playing tricks again. Fortunately, we happened to meet him. Otherwise, we would have gone there to find out where you two are." "They only untie our acupoints when it's time to eat," said Princess Xu. She gave another bitter smile, looking very discouraged. "I think there must be an island in the sea, otherwise he wouldn't have left you in such a place," said Bao Shude. Jiuquan Jushi said, "Things are often unexpected. We might as well ask that guy at the bow of the boat again." "Let's ask," said Bao Shude. "The householder, please go and meet us. After that, we'll go ashore. There's no need to send someone to meet us." Jiuquan Jushi nodded and said,cordierite c520, "Let the two princesses rest a little longer. It's better to drive the boat to the shore, so that the princesses won't go wrong. Anyway, you don't have to do this." After Jiuquan Jushi left, Bao Shude asked for a statement at the bow of the boat. Princess Chang greeted Princess Xu and said, "Sister, let's go and have a look under the rear cabin. This morning we heard someone moving something there." "Really," said Princess Xu, "they've captured a few other country girls to do something shameful. What are you going to see? It must be filthy. Fortunately, they didn't attack us. Otherwise,ceramic bobbin heater, it would be unthinkable." "I have to see it," said Princess Chang. "Maybe there's a lot of jewelry hidden inside." Princess Xu laughed and said, "What do we need jewelry for? You still want Ad to be a rich man!" Princess Chang ignored it and went to the bottom of the back cabin alone. Before long, Bao Shude returned to the front cabin. Without seeing Princess Chang, he asked urgently, "Yu Jun, where is Bi Chai?" Princess Xu laughed and said, "She's afraid you'll have no food to eat in the future, so she's gone to look for treasure for you." "Tell her to come out quickly," Bao Shude exclaimed. "There's a mountain mine hidden in this boat!" "What mountain thunder?" Asked Xu Junzhu. Bao Shude had no time to explain. He rushed to the back cabin and shouted, "Bi Chai, Bi Chai, come out quickly!" "What's the matter, Ad?" Princess Chang answered under the back cabin. "Come up quickly," cried Bao Shude. "There's danger in the cabin!" When Princess Chang heard this, ceramic welding tape ,Alumina Ceramic C795, she rushed forward and asked, "What is the danger?" Bao Shude heaved a sigh of relief and said, "I asked for a confession in the mouth of that minion of the bloody basin. He said that there was a specially refined mountain mine hidden on the ship. It was a kind of explosive that broke mountains and cracked rocks. Those who did not understand it would explode as soon as they hit it. It was powerful enough to break mountains." "Where is that man?" Asked Princess Chang? I want to ask again, but I'm afraid it's a lie. "I'll take care of him," said Bao Shude. "Don't ask. Let's get off the boat and go ashore quickly." Princess Chang complained, "You're really impatient. Why did you clean him up? Can't you leave it to your second brother to ask again? I found a lot of boxes and cages under the rear cabin. They must be gold, silver and jewelry." "I don't want to get rich," said Bao Shude with a smile. "Too much money is a burden. If the emperor gives you to me, you are doomed to live a vagrant life with me." "Are we still afraid of hardship?" Asked Princess Chang with a smile? I mean, it's good to find out and help others! "Forget it," said Bao Shude with a smile. "We don't have any descendants yet. It's not worth blowing up." He jumped into the sea with his two fiancees in one hand, and soon reached the other side. By this time there was no movement in the sea, and it was obvious that all the minions of the blood basin had been killed! As soon as they got ashore, they saw Bailichao and others coming one after another. Bao Shude immediately went up to meet him and hurriedly told everyone the confession he had asked.
The imperial concubine of the Spring Palace said in a frightened voice, "I can't go to Mount Tianmu in the West. There must be a thunder ambush in the blood basin." "This old devil is really vicious," said Yu Nenu. "Fortunately, we are here to break through his tricks." "I'm afraid we'll never get rid of him if we don't go," said Bailichao. "We'll go to the West Lake first and then discuss it." Bao Shude seemed to feel that a few people were missing. He secretly checked a little and found that five of Yu Nenu's companions had disappeared. He couldn't help but realize something and thought, "They lost again this time!" He did not dare to ask questions, but sighed in his heart. Three days later, when they were approaching the West Lake, three women came face to face. As soon as Bailichao saw it, he suddenly shouted, "My grandmother is coming!" "There's Luoluojinmu," said Yunenu cheerfully. "Miss Jing, why don't you go up and greet her?" "My teacher will force me to go back," said the emperor with a wry smile. The emperor had not yet rushed out to meet her master, but old Cihang waved to Bailichao and said, "Chao'er, who do you think this is?" "It's my mother," he said suddenly, aware of the steepness of the hundred-mile. Old Cihang was accompanied by a beautiful woman in plain clothes, who looked less than fifty years old. As soon as she saw Bailichao approaching, she stretched out her hands and hugged him tightly, saying, "Chao.." With tears streaming down her face, she couldn't say any more! As soon as everyone saw her, they were all overjoyed. Yu Nenu was even more puzzled. She said to the imperial concubine of the Spring Palace, "The prince still has a mother!" The imperial concubine of the Spring Palace exclaimed, "Old Yu, don't you remember the flowing rhyme of the Chang'e River that caused a sensation in those days?" At this time, Bailichao's mother really had mixed feelings. She didn't know where to start. When she saw everyone gathered around her, she whispered to her son, "Chao'er, they're all here. We can't be rude. Quickly introduce them to her mother." Bailichao wiped away his tears and introduced everyone one by one. At the same time, he brought Princess, Yin Ting, and Nian Nian Hong and Nana to his mother. As soon as Jiang Liuyun saw the four girls, she couldn't help cheering secretly. She couldn't help laughing and asking this and that. Even the princess was no exception. She said with a smile, "Princess,Ceramic ferrule for stud welding, can you bear hardships?" When the mother-in-law met her, the princess was ashamed and happy. She really didn't know how to answer, so she simply lowered her head.
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