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Smoke and clouds in Beijing (6th Feb 23 at 8:25am UTC)
He went to the woods in the orchard and found Mulan. He thought they could look for the cicada slough. The cicada shed its skin in that month and then slowly emerged from its outer skin, just as a woman slowly shed her body from her tight coat. When the cicada's body comes out, it comes out from a small crack in its back, and then leaves the dry shell, together with its head, body, legs and feet, intact on the branches. Unlike women who take off their tights, cicadas take off their shells, which are transparent. Chinya saw the shell of a cicada in the jujube tree, and he climbed up the tree. As he climbed up the tree, he thought of a trick to play on Mulan. The lowest branch was seven or eight feet from the ground, but Mulan persuaded him to climb up the tree, too. Mulan had never climbed a tree before, and Chinya's idea was new to her. Chinya helped her up a branch and then suddenly climbed down, leaving Mulan alone in the tree. She was so frightened that she didn't know what to do. As soon as her foot slipped, she quickly grabbed a branch above and tried to reach a branch below with her foot, but she couldn't. As she hung in midair,indoor endless pool, Chinya clapped his hands and laughed, amused that he could see Mulan's body on the ground under her jacket. Mulan was so frightened that she fell to the ground from a height of about ten feet, unable to grasp it. Her head hit a stone sticking out and she lay unconscious on the ground. Ailien hurriedly called for help. As soon as Chinya saw the blood coming from Mulan's temples, he took to his heels. Pingya, Sunya, and Mannia were frightened to see Mulan fall unconscious. Mulan's face was smeared with blood,endless swimming pool, and the ground was stained red. Ailien was frightened and wept, and the boy ran into the house and screamed, "Mulan is dead." The footman hurried into the garden, followed by Mrs. Tseng and the maid. Zeng Wenpu, who was sleeping, woke up and followed him. Cassia happened to be in the front yard and was the last to hear the news. As soon as she heard that she was feeding the parrot, thinking that Mulan was dead, a basin of water fell from her hands, splashing her jacket and trousers with water, and she moved forward with her delicate little feet, holding on to the wall and the pillar of the corridor. She carried Mulan to Mrs. Tseng's room, where the old lady was waiting anxiously, and placed Mulan on the Kang. The boys were scared out of their wits and followed. Mannia wept incessantly. Cassia began to wash the wound on her face. The room was packed with people. Mrs. Tseng said, jacuzzi manufacturers ,endless pool swim spa, "If this child has any misfortune, how can we face the Yao family?" Zeng Wenpu asked the boys, "How did this happen?" "We didn't see her fall," said Pingya. Chinya and Ailien were with her. "And Chinya?" "We saw him run away." Tseng Wen-pu sent for Chinya at once. Zeng Wenpu asked Ailian, "You saw it, didn't you?" "The second elder brother asked Mulan to climb up the tree to get the cicada shell.". He climbed down the tree by himself, and Mulan was the only one left in the tree. Mulan sister was afraid, and the second brother clapped his hands and laughed. She became more and more afraid of shouting and fell down. Tseng Wen-pu roared, "Little bad guy!" Cassia was greatly disturbed by what her little daughter had said. So he said: "Don't believe all your children.". That may or may not be true. Tseng Wen-pu said, "Take the family law!" It refers to the cane stick. The room was immediately silent. "When Chinya comes," Mrs. Tseng pleaded, "you'll have to hear what he has to say." He made a mistake. Otherwise, why do you hide and dare not show your face? When Chinya was brought into the house, he was already weeping, and the servant told him that the master had lost his temper. As soon as he met him, his father hit him twice in the face. Then he pulled him into the yard by one ear and told him to kneel on the ground. The housekeeper interceded on his behalf, but the master did not listen. The family law was brought, and the mother heard three rattan sticks, and then the cry of the child on the ground. She ran into the yard and covered the child with her body. Kill me before you kill the child! Such a child, you hit so hard! The old lady came and told her son to stop. Are you crazy? If the child has made a mistake and I am still alive, you should tell me first. Don't beat my grandson for other people's children.
” The father threw down the rattan stick, turned around and said respectfully, "Mom, if this child doesn't teach him a lesson now, what will he do when he grows up?" "Don't be angry, sir," cried Cassia during the festival. "The child has woken up. Don't worry." The maids crowded around and lifted the wife up from the ground, while the footman carried Chinya into the house. Chinya had not yet stopped crying. Cassia lifted up Chinya's clothes and saw several marks on his back, red and purple. As soon as Mrs. Tseng saw this, her heart softened and she could not help crying, "My son!"! Suffer! Why is it like this? Cassia turned to look at her little daughter, Ailien, and gave her a few hard blows on the head, for Mrs. Tseng to see, because Chinya's beating was caused by Ailien's words. "It's all your gossip," said Cassia. Confused, Ailian didn't know why she was beaten. "I'm telling the truth," she cried. Others were catching crickets at that time. Cassia was frightened. Hurry to stop Ailien and don't say any more. If you say one more word, I'll tear your mouth off. "Don't be too hard on the child," said Mrs. Tseng. Mulan heard the noise vaguely. She remembered how she had fallen,whirlpool hot tub, so she opened her eyes and said, "Why did you hit Ailien?" She tried to sit up, but was held down. Mannia put her head close to her and wept with joy when she saw Mulan come to.
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