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Revenge Game: Can't Escape the President's Hand (3rd Feb 23 at 4:40am UTC)
Therefore, he would rather Ye Jia misunderstand him and hate him than see her in danger. What he has to do now is to quickly solve this mess, save her heart before Ye Jia completely gives up on him, and let her continue to love him. He could feel that Ye Jia had been struggling on the painful edge of loving him and hating him, and had been trying to forget but could not forget. His heart was full of joy and heartache, and he could not bear to see her go on like this. I see. Shi Nan nodded, Long Haoxuan's decision, he believed that he could not be wrong, so he no longer insisted. You send a few more people to protect her, do not let her have an accident, or I let you die ten times to be buried with her, do you hear?! Long Haoxuan stared at him and ordered with a serious face. The cold sweat on Shi Nan's forehead immediately crawled out, and Long Haoxuan's words made him sigh, and his cold hair stood up. Miss Ye's life is so valuable that he really has to be careful. Nodding, with a cold sweat, he turned and walked out of Long Haoxuan's office. Tianqin chapter . The following days, Ye Jia is so muddleheaded, Long Yingqi as always concerned about her, care a little too much, let her feel ashamed, let her feel guilty! She did not know what level Long Yingqi's feelings for her were on. Was it love? Ye Jia shook his head and refused to think about it. She did not believe that she had so much charm, nor did she want Long Yingqi to have more feelings for her than her friends. The feeling of being hurt by love is too bitter. She has tasted this bitterness too many times. She doesn't want to let the people who love her try it again. When she woke up today, she heard the sound of a piano and walked barefoot in the direction of the sound. The sound came from a big bedroom next to her. Pushing open the door, she saw several staff members tuning and auditioning. Ye Jia went in in surprise. An older housekeeper smiled at her and said,portable gold wash plant, "Miss Ye, this is the new piano that the Second Young Master bought for you. You can see if you like it. If you don't like it, you can ask them to change it." Long Yingqi bought the piano for her? Ye Jia looked at the dark, high-priced piano in horror, and suddenly felt a touch of emotion in her heart. Suddenly I remembered the piano that Long Haoxuan bought for her, the ivory piano! Too bad she never got a chance to sit in front of it and play. Long Yingqi saw that she was bored, so he bought her a piano, but how could he know that she liked to play the piano? With a bellyful of questions, Ye Jia nodded in a daze and said, "I like it." "Just like it." The housekeeper smiled and led the staff of the piano shop out. Ye Jia walked over faintly, sitting in front of the piano and stroking the smooth body of the piano, but there was no joy in his heart. She likes the piano, but does not like to accept other people's heart, gold shaking table ,Carbon in Pulp, after all, this heart is too rich. If it was sent by Long Haoxuan, she would be as happy as last time, unable to sleep for several days and nights, sitting in front of the piano all day long and unwilling to leave. Today, she sat in front of the piano, but did not put her fingers on the keys for a long time. Tears welled up from her eyes. She missed him. She even missed the hateful way he always pressed his index finger on her treble keys to interrupt her. She missed that he always picked her up from the piano and gently put her on the big bed to order her to sleep! When the first tear fell on the keys, the door of the bedroom was pushed open. Ye Jia hurriedly lowered her head and wiped the tears on her face with the back of her hand. She could guess that it must be Long Yingqi. She couldn't let him see her crying and worry him! However, the more she tried to hold back her tears, the more she could not hold them back, and they kept flowing from her eyes, dropping like broken beads on the keys and carpets. Jia, what's wrong with you? Long Yingqi walked quickly up to her, raised her tearful face and looked at her and asked. Then he wiped away the tears that could never be wiped away with his finger pulp. Why did she cry? How could he not know? Ask her, just hope to hear her talk, say all the unhappy things, maybe it can alleviate a little pain. Second young master, I know I shouldn't think about him, but I still can't help thinking about him.
"Ye Jia looked at Long Yingqi with tears in her eyes and sobbed in a low voice. Should she blame herself for being unpromising? She was really unpromising!"! . Chapter 286 . Long Yingqi put his arm around her waist, pulled her up from the chair, hugged her, and put his forehead on her forehead. He comforted her in a low voice: "I know. Long Haoxuan is a bastard. He made you cry. Jia, don't cry, OK?" Ye Jia just cried and let him hold her in his arms. At this time, she needed a warm embrace too much. Netizens of the Inner Domain Novel Network want her not to cry, how can it be possible? Long Yingqi finally failed to control his behavior, holding her jaw in the palm of his hand, then lowering his head and gently kissing the tears from her face. The sexy lips move down, covering her lips, and the kiss turns into a deep kiss, greedily sucking the taste that she has always missed, the taste that belongs to her. Ye Jia finally stopped crying and even forgot to shed tears, and his body suddenly froze in his arms. His eyes were wide open and he stared at the familiar handsome face in front of him. Long Yingqi actually kissed her, how could he kiss her?! Ye Jia raised her fists against his chest, and when she was ready to struggle, the familiar smell between her lips and teeth made her reluctant to let go. Why does she think Long Yingqi's kiss is familiar? Why his kiss and his embrace can make her feel the breath of Long Haoxuan, this is clearly the kiss she has been lusting after! She wanted to suspect that what was in front of her was not Long Yingqi at all, but Long Haoxuan. However, Long Haoxuan is afraid that he will never appear in front of her again, after all,gold heap leaching, she killed his child! Although she could not believe that what she saw would be the lover of her heart, she still pushed him away with that little bit of hope. She withdrew from his arms and looked him up and down with her teary eyes. Long Yingqi began to regret his impulse. How could he kiss her so uncontrollably? Now he should not, nor had he the courage to let her know his identity!.
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