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Emperor Kangxi February River (11th Jan 23 at 2:16am UTC)
Who knows, eight elder brother's memorial table Kangxi did not look at it, a look can make him angry. According to the eight elder brothers, after internal and external verification, the successive officials of the Ministry of Punishment are all honest and upright officials who enforce the law like mountains. Except for a few villains, most of the provincial Daotai, Futai and county officials are loyal to their masters and honest in performing their official duties. Zhang Wuge is the only one in the whole country who has such a thing as "killing a white duck". It was the wardens and the head of the prison who had been bribed in this case, and who should be beheaded according to the law. Santel, the minister of the Ministry of Punishment, and Tang Cheng, the assistant minister, were guilty of negligence and should be dismissed and demoted. As for the case of Qiu Yunsheng and Zhang Wuge, although they were wronged, they happened for a reason. Qiu Yunsheng was born alone for five generations, and his concubine was pregnant, but he did not know whether it was a man or a woman. The woman he raped was not a tenant, but sold to the Qiu family as a slave and concubine. Qiu Yunsheng was sentenced to death, and the punishment was heavy. But now that they were sentenced, they couldn't, and they were afraid to kill Qiu Yunsheng, so they had no choice but to bribe the people who were watching the prison and change Zhang Wuge into it. Zhang Wuge was not only a private prison dealer, but also a criminal who had absconded on business trip. According to the law of the Qing Dynasty, he should be beheaded. Therefore, let him go for Qiu Yun life and death, is not wronged. The eight elder brother's memorial was written in a voluminous and logical manner. It was simply a peaceful administration of officials and a stable world. It seemed that the only people who did bad things and took bribes and perverted the law were the dozen or so small bookkeepers, small yamen runners and guards who guarded the prison and were in charge of the documents. The friends who read the book naturally understood that the reason why the eight elder brothers did so was to defend Ren Boan,tile trim manufacturers, to defend the elder brother party, and to gain a good reputation of "generosity" and "compassion" among the ministers. What he uses is the method of old 14, hit big thunder, heavy rain, do not do real thing however. The person who really took bribes and perverted the law was protected by the eight elder brothers, and the Ministry of Punishment and the several "white ducks" exchanged by Ren Boan's hands in Shun Tianfu were of course even more unable to redress grievances. Eight elder brother knows in his heart, anyway these things the emperor does not know, his old man also can not personally check, so a fool,stainless steel tile edge trim, the big thing will not be settled. But eight elder brother made a big mistake in his complacency. He underestimated his father too much. Today, the emperor took this memorial, and the more he looked at it, the more he laughed. The more he looked at it, the more puzzled he felt, and the more suspicious he became. In the end, he became more and more angry. Kangxi had been on the throne for more than forty years and had been in power for more than thirty years. How many complicated and difficult cases have been handled and how many soul-stirring struggles have been experienced. Although he is old now, he is far from being confused, let alone confused. Can Laoba's little trick deceive Kangxi's eyes? What's more, Qiu Yunsheng's case had been personally reviewed by Kangxi, and he had personally interrogated Zhang Wuge. It can be said that Kangxi knew the case like the palm of his hand. Now, it's all changed. Qiu Yunsheng clearly had three sons, three daughters-in-law and a group of grandchildren, but now he has become a "single generation of five generations". The daughter of a tenant who was raped to death suddenly became a slave who sold herself. Qiu Yunsheng, the prisoner who should be killed, was "sentenced too heavily". Zhang Wuge, who acted as a "white duck" for others, was "beheaded according to the law". Laoba, stainless steel tile edging ,aluminium edge trim, Laoba, you are really good. The prince is just weak and incompetent. How dare you lie to his face. You, you, you, do you still have the emperor in your eyes and the father in your heart?! Thinking of this, Kangxi could not bear it any more. He threw the watch to the ground and scolded angrily, "It's really full of bullshit.". With that, he suddenly stood up and hurried up and down in the Hall of Mental Cultivation. Suddenly, he came to Zhang Tingyu and asked in a trembling voice, "Zhang Tingyu, did you go to the study to read this memorial of the eight elder brothers?"? Prince, did he see it? What did the prince say? What do you guys think? Zhang Tingyu had been a study minister for more than twenty years, and he knew Kangxi's temper very well. He knew that the emperor always walked around like this when it was difficult to make a decision or when he was angry. This is his habitual action when he is nervous and thinking. Therefore, Zhang Tingwang is not afraid, moreover, eight elder brother's memorial he Zhang Tingyu already read. He knew that the emperor had to get angry and ask him about Zhang Tingyu. He had already thought of the words, and when the emperor asked, he immediately bowed down and answered: "Back to the emperor, the Eighth Master's memorial and several people in the upper study have seen it, and the prince has also seen it.".
Because it was the emperor himself who decided to let the Eighth Master go to the Ministry of Punishment this time, the prince did not dare to gossip, so he only let the memorial be presented to the emperor. The minister thought that the Eighth Master was still willing to work hard, and things were done very quickly. It's just that the case of "slaughtering a white duck" is a bit too coincidental, and the whole case is reversed. It's Qiu Yunsheng who is wronged, and it's Zhang Wuge who should be damned. It's a bit unexpected. Seem Oh, this is my little insight. Tong Guowei and Ma Qi didn't say anything. Kangxi's anger suddenly broke out: "Humph!"! No words are not equal to no opinions. Zhang Tingyu, you don't have to beat around the Bush with me. A coincidence? Hum, how can there be such a coincidence in the world? I ran into a case of injustice, as expected, such a case, really became an ancient and modern anecdote, ghost just believe it! Tingyu, you have been with me for many years. Do you know that I am never afraid of trouble? Do we do less important things? But now I am afraid, afraid of my own son. Even they are lying to me, and I tell lies, this is not terrible?! The Ministry of Punishment sent Lao Ba because it was inconvenient to discuss with the prince in advance, so the prince watched the fire from the other side of the river and stood watching the fun. I specially sent the old thirteen, who knows, this boy because of the Ministry of the Interior to stop doing things in the heart is not convinced, and refused to listen to the old eight, so, people went to the Ministry of punishment, but nothing. I don't know what he saw or heard, but he pretended to be deaf and dumb in front of me. The remaining three brothers, Lao Ba, Lao Jiu and Lao Shi, hugged each other, cheated and deceived their father. This situation, my heart is bright. Tingyu, this really frightens me! Zhang Tingyu had long felt the same way about Kangxi's views on several princes. However, he knew more clearly that Kangxi's attitude towards the prince and the elder brother in recent years. The emperor has been indecisive in the matter of who to use and who to believe. This matter is small, is the emperor's family affairs, outsiders are not easy to ask; say big, is related to the fate of the country, courtiers can not casually advice. Therefore, even if Zhang Tingyu could see clearly, he never dared to open his mouth. Even today,metal trim manufacturers, the emperor himself said it, but he still did not dare to echo it, and could only persuade him from the side:.
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