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The Chinese parasol tree lacks the moon (10th Jan 23 at 1:07am UTC)
Looking at the other side shaking his head, Xi Jihang asked again, "I said, Jue Yi, you are such a talented person. I heard that Wang Tianyi also values you very much. The brocade robe team has made so many contributions and is so famous. Why do you want to come here to work?"? But also thanks to you, not you give us information, we really to Wang Tianyi that group of people two eyes a black, after all, he is looking for you such a new person to work, we can not start ah. "Don't mention it!"! Speaking of which, I am sad! Zhao Jueyi waved his hand and shouted. Stimulated by a belly full of liquor, he looked very excited. "Can you tell me about my martial arts?" "Good!" "Tell me if I'm a first-class player?" "Yes!" "Can you tell me if there are any new players in the brocade robe team who are more powerful than me?" "No!" Zhao Jueyi shook his head and sighed, and two lines of tears flowed down: "Then why was I pressed by Qin Dun?"? He has no martial arts, no courage, no strategy, but he has a good name! "Huh?"? You are pressed by Xiao Qin. Xiao Qin is far worse than you, but he looks very honest. How can he press you? What's wrong? Something to do with his name? Watching the other side drink too much tears, Xi Jihang held back his laughter and sighed. He is just the captain appointed by Si Li, but he has been the captain until now. If Si Li is in one day,temperature scanning kiosks, he will continue to be the captain, as long as he does not make a big mistake. Even if he is a mediocrity, even if I am a hundred times more capable than him, I can still be a deputy. So I don't want to stay in the brocade robe team! Zhao Jueyi sobbed first and then roared loudly. What's wrong "I know I am the strongest in the brocade robe team, and I want to be the commander.". I went to tell Tao Dawei that I was better than Qin Dun, but he said, don't think about it unless you have a chance. Otherwise,touch screen digital signage, Qin Dun's position is rock-solid. That time.. That time.. The assassination of Wu Shen. Si Li was ambushed and knocked down to the ground. He Qin Dun just rushed into the yard and carried Si Li out. Who can't do such a thing? If I were there.. I carry people faster than him. I ran faster than Qin Dun on my back. "Oh.". He saved his boss once. Xi Jihang was suddenly enlightened. Where is the rescue! Wang Tianyi needs him to save him! Zhao Jueyi said indignantly, "In the alley, Si Li kicked him and scolded him. Then he rushed back to the yard with his sword.." But he was remembered by Si Li, and what shield is it. Alas. Wang Tianyi used two swords. Martial arts take a very strong attack flow, fighting is always attacking, he is not short of a shield? Shit! Harm Lao Tzu to live under a broken shield. It won't come to the fore. "What do you want when you get ahead?" "Splendor and wealth, of course.". And the power to command people. Zhao Jueyi drank another cup and shouted, "I'd rather be a chicken's head than an ox's tail. I'm only a cow's head. I'll always be a cow's head.." "Ha ha." Xi Jihang clapped and laughed: "What a cow's head!" "Come, I toast …" I propose a toast to you. Zhao Jueyi stood up and shook his body, spilled wine all over his body, and stretched out his glass to Xi Jihang. But this time Xi Jihang did not raise his glass to touch each other. He held the glass and looked coldly at the drunken young man. With a push of his hand, Zhao Jueyi stumbled and fell back to his seat, with a strange "hey" in his mouth. Xi Jihang drew out his handkerchief in disgust and wiped his mouth. With a wave of his hand, smart whiteboard price ,interactive whiteboard prices, he ordered in a low voice, "Do it." Immediately, the servant who had been standing behind him rushed over, one squatted on the ground and twisted Zhao Jue Yi's hands behind the chair, one covered his mouth with a towel, and the third pulled out a shining dagger from his sleeve, walked slowly to Zhao Jue Yi, and stabbed him in the chest. One, two, three.. Zhao Jueyi struggled, but what was the use? His chest was like a broken ice lake, blood bubbling out, and the towel covering his mouth was soaked with blood from his mouth in the blink of an eye. When the three men let go of him, he was already a huge dead fish, leaning motionless on the back of his chair and staring at Xi Jihang next to him with white eyes.
Xi Jihang stood up, hummed coldly and waved his hand. He poured all the wine in his hand on his face. The wine washed the blood on his face and dripped down, as if it had put a red mask on Zhao Jueyi. Xi Jihang pointed at the face, glared at the broken pupil, and shouted: "Niutou?"? Give you back your cow's head? Do you know who Jianghu hates most? An unfaithful bastard like you! Then he smashed the empty cup into the stiff face. But Ding Yuzhan saw Wang Tianyi off and took a group of friends with him. When they arrived at the county town, they got up from the cicada coffin and turned to Shouzhou. That day, they arrived at a big town. Although it was not too late, Ding Yuzhan waved his big hand and said, "I've been on the road for a few days. I'll have a rest early today. I'll rest here for a day." Hearing this line of people are happy, can be considered to eat well and live well, because it is not easy to follow Daxia's journey, Ding Yuzhan's journey is not as good as the school's business trip, they are all spontaneous, the preparation of money and food is never considered, it is common to sleep in the open and beg for food, often when there are more silver, friends follow more, but his team always keeps people walking and people entering. When I get to the place I want to go, I have already changed my friends. This time Ding Yuzhan had more than twenty heroes around him, all living in that town. As soon as I entered the inn, it exploded and became very lively. Originally, the shopkeeper looked quite happy, but I didn't expect that they had scared away most of the other native merchants. They were all carrying weapons and had no goods, and they were dressed in rich and poor clothes, not to mention that they looked like a group of roving strongmen. In the evening, Ding Yuzhan was drinking and eating with a bunch of friends, but he didn't expect another happy event to come. Wang Tianyi led Tao Dawei to the second mate and came to him again. Alas, why are you back again? Ding San did not hide his joy and cried out. Wang Tianyi smiled with a complicated expression. He hesitated for a moment and said,touch screen kiosk, "I'm not going back to the gang. I'd better come to you." "What?"? No way With an incredible look on his face, Ding Sanyi burst out laughing and grabbed Wang Tianyi's arm: "Welcome!"! Welcome! Brother, this is our fate. It will be a family in the future. 。
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