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It doesn't matter whether you love or not. (10th Jan 23 at 1:06am UTC)
As soon as he heard this, he sat up, and I saw his naked chest begin to get angry. No matter who I am with in the future, I will never forget the damn man in front of me. He further destroyed my trust and dependence on men, and my heart was even more restless. On a rainy night, he poked me in the head and said that I had hydrocephalus. He said that I had stuck it upside down to a man. I remembered it even more this time. I stuck it upside down to him many times from inside to outside, and I was seriously ill. If I paste Feng Lun's hydrocephalus, I paste his cerebral palsy! I am most interested in feelings, how can I sink here in him! Quickly wrapped in the quilt to run under the bed, but two days did not move, even with illness, my feet are soft to sit directly on the ground. What's wrong? Yang Xianyi didn't understand what I said. He quickly got out of bed and grabbed me shirtless. I hid back and kept an absolute distance from him. His face was black and ugly. I knew he might be angry, but I just couldn't let him go on like this. Yesterday I thought I was a happy little loach, but now I wake up and realize that I am a fresh fish on the nail board and a white mouse in the experimental box. He did propose, but not because he loved me, but because he wanted to use me! In the end, he just said he wanted to marry me. Why did he marry me? Not responsible,touch screen whiteboard, but for himself, for their family, for a child to carry on the family line! I hate men to be so selfish, especially a man who made me sink is so cruel and selfish. I want to go home! I'm going home now! I didn't have the strength to speak loudly. He pulled me up and helped me to sit on the edge of the bed. I pushed him away and curled up on the ground. He grabbed a T-shirt and put it on impatiently. As soon as I saw the T-shirt, I began to feel uncomfortable again and turned my face away. It's the same as mine. It's his. I have nothing on me now except his clothes and quilts. He has taken away some of my only things, which can also be said to be my free gift. Send you back at noon and sleep for a while. He wanted me to lie back as obediently as I did yesterday. I refused. I insisted on my clothes. I was about to leave,digital interactive whiteboard, and I wouldn't stay for a moment. He came over and I thought he was going to hit me, but he just put his palm on my forehead to test the temperature, and when I didn't have a fever, he stepped back a little and asked in a Consultative tone, "What's wrong with you?" I didn't do anything! I'm great everywhere, but when I look at him, I feel like he's fallen, like those riff-raff who have one-night stands in bars. My sense of shame was completely awakened. I had no face to face my parents who had been anxious for two days. I couldn't explain the cause and effect to myself. I hate Ah Q, but if I stick to a principle, even if I am an old maid, I will not feel so bad. I was originally a particularly contradictory person, and after two days with Yang Xianyi, interactive whiteboard for schools ,electronic board for classroom, I became a particularly extreme person. On the one hand, I am a well-educated woman with a master's degree, on the other hand, I have become a degenerate leprechaun. I can't stand this. It makes my head swell when I think about it. I disliked the second self and said, "I think clearly, we can't do this again!" In fact, my original intention was to stay away from him and continue to have a blind date with the white-faced scholar in my life. Everything I thought and did yesterday and the day before was wrong. I'm tired, I'm sick, I'm confused. What's wrong? He asked me, and I held the pillow to my chest and said loudly, "Everything is wrong!" He ignored me and let me sit on the floor. After a while, he brought two big dogs from the other room to look at me and ordered, "Marshal!"! General! Bite her when she moves! I didn't think it was serious, but I took him seriously, and I was sad to hear it, sitting motionless in front of two big dogs I was afraid of. He went out in simple clothes and soon came back to buy me some clothes. The size of the intimate clothes was just right. I was tired of wearing them. He bought all the mature and flirtatious types he liked. He probably thought of me as such a woman. I'm not, I'm not at all! When I wanted to go home, I took it off and burned it, but when I got home, I didn't. I just changed my clothes and hid them in the drawer. I still lie in bed to raise my spirits and accept a round of lectures from my parents.
I was locked up in the bedroom. I didn't have a cell phone. My father gave me a pen and paper to write about the reasons and results of the matter. My aunt, uncle, cousin and sister-in-law all came. My mother frowned when she came in to see me. I was punished by my family for the mistakes I made in Yang Xianyi. I also had a hard time in front of Yang Xianyi. We were shocked by each other, and we didn't contact each other after that day. In the car that sent me back, Yang Xianyi didn't say anything, but kept driving with a black face. What exactly did I do at the wedding reception? I guess he knew I hadn't thought of it at all, and he was going to keep me in suspense all the time, so I was not a person inside and outside, and I had to follow him. There's nothing to say. Think for yourself. I insisted on coming back. I refused all his intimate behavior. I was like a new person yesterday. He was angry and thought I was unreasonable. He began to be annoyed. He drove so fast that I looked out of the window at the passing scenery and felt sad. He sent me up to the sixth floor and rang the doorbell. He was turned away by his father. I also do not understand my father, Yang Xianyi came home to see me that afternoon, he and his mother have openly connived at all kinds of intimate behavior to me, but why today, things are different? It was Fang Ruici who said it, and I didn't know it until a few days later. Mom and Dad wanted to take the opportunity to marry me to Yang Xianyi, but on the day when I was convalescing at Yang Xianyi's home, Ruici came to see me and talked with them about the reasons for Yang Xianyi's divorce and marriage. They felt that they had suffered a great insult, which was more harmful than my self-esteem. Such a good daughter, do not say to be someone else's concubine, or to give birth to a child, they do not agree. Dad came into the room and scolded me several times in a few days,65 inch smart board, more than the total of twenty-seven years. In the middle of the conversation, I learned that Yang Xianyi had come home twice during the two weeks of my trip. He convinced Mom and Dad that we were in love with each other without telling the fate of the family, and that we were on and off and finally wanted to have a place.
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