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The main character has something to say. (19th Dec 22 at 1:12am UTC)
It's not for nothing that the interstellar people admire AO pairing. They have pheromones that Beta can't smell but can be influenced by. The pheromones that match can bring more pleasure than the body, not to mention the reproductive ability of the two after three years of pairing. Omega is still Omega even if he uses inhibitors to disguise himself as Beta. Pheromones can't be completely eliminated by inhibitors, so after using inhibitors, Maurice Leonard will spray some perfume to cover the scent. Even so, the body traction between Alpha and Omega still exists, making the original owner Maurice Leonard the favorite object of many powerful Alpha in the military Academy. This is not the peach blossom deliberately arranged by heaven, but the reproduction mode of the world is like this. The more powerful and beautiful Omega is, the more powerful Alpha will compete for it. Only the most powerful one can get that Omega. Maurice Leonard is without a doubt the most powerful Omega of his generation. As a result, in the First Military Academy of the Empire, Lin Huimo could see that Alpha and Beta, who had a little meaning for him, were no less than five fingers. After he turned over a lot of Alpha to the ground as Beta, he became the male God in Beta's eyes. But now? Maurice Leonard became a national enemy on his first day of school when he was courted by the male God of the military Academy. Other Alpha who should have been attracted to him were either transferred to the army in advance, or their personalities changed greatly. At this time, the system 369411 ended the gland removal operation and wound forgery work, and then was assigned to the investigation work by Lin Huimo. Thanks to the Star Age, which can cover almost the entire galaxy, thanks to the Star People's basic binding of a light brain, with the system 369411 hacker ability,Inflatable 5k obstacle, can investigate too many things. In the process of collecting intelligence from numerous data streams 369411, the bad roommate also woke up once, and before he could open his mouth, Lin Hui raised his hand mercilessly and slapped him unconscious. To deal with this kind of forced attempted slag, even if he can take the hair-love period as an excuse, Lin Hui-mo will not be soft. Anyway, there is no inhibitor,inflatable air dancer, with willpower to endure seven days can also get through the estrus period, not to mention Lin Huimo also great kindness to let him through the coma. Through investigation, screening and elimination, the system 369411 quickly found out some dry goods. As Lin Hui-mo lamented before, the plot of the world is chaotic, but this chaos has its source, and what Lin Hui-mo needs to systematically investigate 369411 is the real source of the chaos. The system came up with two names 369411. Joyce Hall. Edmonton Lee. Just looking at the praise of Alpha, we can see that the Star Age is not a stable world. The same is the interstellar human, there are two opposing camps in the whole galaxy, one is the Interstellar Federation, the other is the Galactic Empire, the two sides are equally powerful, different regimes, large inflatable water slide ,Inflatable water park on lake, do not like each other, want to kill each other, to achieve real interstellar unification. The reason why the Federation and the Empire are in conflict with each other but have not risen to the level of fighting on all fronts is that the interstellar humans have an external enemy, the Zerg. The Zerg is a race that is famous in the universe for its strong destructive power, strong ability to evolve and reproduce, and truly able to obey all orders and prohibitions under the command of the Queen of the Zerg. The Zerg are keen to feed on intelligent creatures, and humans are the staple food on their dinner plates. In order to resist the Zerg, the Empire and the Federation maintained relative peace, while vigorously developing the military industry to resist the attack of the Zerg. The two men selected by the system, Joyce Hall and Edmonton Lee, are both Imperials and about the same age as the original owner, Maurice Leonard. Only in terms of birth, the first two are undoubtedly the favored ones born with a silver spoon in their mouths. The Hall family is one of the top nobles in the empire and has an extraordinary influence in the army. The head of the Hall family has two children. The eldest son is Alpha, who has made numerous contributions in the army. The second son is Joyce Hall, an Omega, an excellent Omega by Omega standards. Joyce Hall was elected Crown Princess by the Royal Family because of her family's influence and her own qualifications.
In the original plot, Joyce Hall is infatuated with the Crown Prince. In order to consolidate the position of the Crown Prince and attack potential rivals, he uses the power of the Hall family to do a lot of wrong things. Eventually, it is revealed that the whole family is involved and liquidated by the royal family. Because of Joyce Hall's Omega status, he was not sentenced to death, but was stripped of his personal rights and sent to the Human Reproduction Protection Agency. Said to be a human reproduction protection agency, it is actually a surrogacy center, where some Alpha who can't afford Omega but want to have children choose their favorite Omega, pay a sum of money and sperm, and they can take home a child in ten months. Omega, who was sent to the Human Reproduction Protection Agency, was either Omega, whose guilt reached the standard of death penalty and was deprived of all personal rights, or Omega, who did not want to go to prison and exchanged a certain number of offspring for early release of freedom. Joyce Hall was once the favored son of God, and Omega, who was highly respected by Alpha, became a reproductive machine, in which the gap made him die in madness. It is worth mentioning that although the original owner Maurice Leonard was repeatedly targeted by Joyce Hall as a rival in love, Maurice Leonard did not like the Crown Prince. Maurice Leonard eventually became Crown Princess, but the Crown Prince was the younger son of the Emperor. Joyce Hall was a gun for love, targeting all the princes who might threaten the crown prince's position. Only a few princes whose families were not powerful and who were not favored by the emperor escaped. And the original crown prince is a playboy, is sweet mouth, put down-figure to coax people, this will coax Joyce Hall dizzy, but later the matter was exposed, the crown prince's avoidance so that Joyce Hall's whole world collapsed. However,inflatable floating water park, Joyce Hall and the Hall family fell, and the former Crown Prince naturally failed to get a good deal, and was removed from the position of Crown Prince and exiled to a remote wasteland.
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