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Infinite Samsara Horror Full txt Download (19th Dec 22 at 12:59am UTC)
After being polite, Grace asked Meng Xiang and Stu to enter the laboratory. The lab has a mainframe connected to Avatar, so it can accommodate Stu's height of nearly 3 meters. See the laboratory, in addition to the middle to avoid a channel, both sides are densely packed with experimental equipment, go to the end of the laboratory, is two coffin-like boxes, this is the human and Avatar connection host. There is no one in the lab except Grace, Trudy and Norm, and the hero Jack is either back on Earth or dead. Anyway, Meng Xiang's intervention has completely made Jack a bit player. The latest and fastest chapter, please log in [], reading is a kind of enjoyment, I suggest you collect. Inception Chapter 190 sneaking into the base (1) [] Updated: 2011102823:02:26 Words in this Chapter: 3,902 Chapter 19 sneaking into the base (1). Grace was not surprised by Stu's arrival, but when she saw Meng Xiang, she was not only curious, but also full of strong interest in Meng Xiang. She has been looking at Meng Xiang, let Meng Xiang heart Mao, in Grace's eyes, Meng Xiang simply became an experimental white mouse. Politely, Grace went straight to the point: "You aliens look like us earthlings, but you can breathe on Pandora without an air filter mask, and what makes me more curious is why you can Cao speak Pandora fluently?" "Pandora?" Meng Xiang Leng Leng, then understand. In order to let the reincarnation people move freely in the reincarnation world, the Lord God let them have no language barrier. To his ears, both the Na'vi and Grace spoke fluent Mandarin. But he speaks Na'vi or English, as opposed to Na'vi or Grace. Meng Xiang did not know how to explain this,silk olive tree, so Hu 1uan said, "It's hard to explain. Anyway, we come from an unknown place, which is very similar to the earth." Very similar? To what extent are they similar? Norm giggled and said that in the movie, Norm's xxìng was very lively and had a clear distinction between love and hate. In the end, he fought with the hero against the earth people, but his parasitic Avatar was killed, and finally he could only stay in Pandora with a human body. Meng Xiang had a brainwave and pretended to be very serious and said, "It's exactly the same as the tree-lined earth before you.". Our technology is not as advanced as yours, but our living environment is a hundred times better than yours. Hearing what Meng Xiang said, all the people present looked ashamed. Grace sighed a long sigh and said, "When I was young, I could occasionally see green trees, but now, fake ficus tree ,cherry blossom wedding centerpiece, even if there are plants, the leaves seem to be dyed black.". It's really enviable that you can still live in such a beautiful place. Meng Xiang took a sip of green tea, looked dignified, and looked at the floating stone mountain outside the window, even if it was floating high in the sky, it was still covered with green trees. He says heavily: "If let earthling occupy Pandora, believe in your lifetime, also can see the scene that is the same as the earth in Pandora." Grace and others trembled, Stu did not quite understand, but when he mentioned the occupation of Pandora by the people of the earth, he immediately showed a fierce look on his face and clenched his teeth. Meng Xiang continued: "I believe you do not want to see this scene, right?" Grace and others were silent. Trudy was a soldier and didn't like them beating around the Bush. She used to play with the submachine gun in her hand, but now she looked up and said, "Those ignorant fools in the Resources Development Administration only have money in their eyes.". No, it should be said that the people in power who occupy most of the earth's resources are all like this, so that the beautiful earth has become a garbage dump. If even Pandora is ruined by them, I will be ashamed of myself as an earthman. This forthright female soldier has always been Meng Xiang's favorite character. He cast a look of praise and said with a smile, "I asked Stu to bring me here this time in an attempt to stop this scene." Grace was a little surprised and asked, "Stop it?"? Although your people have the power of the people, how can you stop the army of the earth? I need your help.
"Meng Xiang took the opportunity to reveal the purpose of his visit this time:" I want to sneak into the Pandora base. Can you help me? " Norm laughed as if he had heard the funniest joke in the world: "Haha, aren't you sending sheep into the tiger's mouth?"? Heard that some of those alien people died at your hands, those people are exasperated, the surrounding beasts have fallen into great trouble, has become their punching bag. If you sneak into the compound and they catch you, you'll be torn apart. Besides, even if you did, what would you do? Kill all earthlings? "Humph." "If I have enough strength, I will do so," said Meng Xiang. Grace's eyes twinkled, just like the new big 6, looking at Meng Xiang again, murmuring: "You are very strange, like no matter what difficulties, as long as you exist, everything can be overcome.". We can help you, but what do you want us to do? "I'm going to disguise myself and borrow Norm's identity." Stu took Ikaran's detour and flew low, slowly approaching the earthman station. Meng Xiang asked him to wait at the appointed place 10 kilometers east of the station. Stu admired Meng Xiang very much, and Meng Xiang's courage to break into the enemy's position alone infected him even more. He vowed that even if he died, he would not leave until Meng Xiang appeared. Norm was helplessly left in the laboratory, and Meng Xiang, after Grace's clever makeup, although there is still a big gap between the appearance and Norm, but at least no one recognizes the pretender is Meng Xiang. There are many people in the garrison who know Norm, but most of them are scientific researchers, and most of them don't get along well with soldiers or people in power, just like Grace. Therefore,faux grass wall, it is theoretically feasible for Meng Xiang to borrow Norm's identity. The first reason why Meng Xiang needed to disguise was that Asians were quite rare in the station, so he had to cover up his Asian identity; the second reason was to hide from the eyes of the Beihai team members so that he could take the next action. The purpose of Meng Xiang's trip is not only to retaliate against the Beihai team, but also to make a scene at the station.
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