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Plain Hand Robbery-Wolongsheng _ txt Novel Paradis (19th Dec 22 at 12:59am UTC)
The silver-haired Taoist answered, "So in recent years, although there have been many warning signs in Jianghu, not only have many martial arts masters suddenly disappeared, but even the Shaolin and Wudang factions have suffered great fluctuations." However, this huge wave that shook Jianghu has never affected our Zhongnan faction. Our disciples abide by the teachings of our ancestors and have never asked about it. His face gradually showed a look of grief and indignation. Then he said, "Not only that, I have also restrained my disciples from going to Zhongnan in private. Before the storm that shocked Wulin disappeared, if the disciples of Zhongnan went down the mountain without permission, they would be dealt with according to the rules of the school." He answered with a deep sigh, "I only issued this edict in order to avoid trouble and pacify people. But I don't know that although I'm not going to be a prisoner, people are going to attack me." He suddenly stopped talking and said slowly, "Last night.." His eyebrows wrinkled again and he slowly closed his eyes. "How was it last night?" Tian Xiuling blurted out. The silver-haired Taoist stretched out his hand to take hold of his left arm and said, "Brother, the wound seems to burst again. Go on, third brother." Just because the bluestone Taoist Suo Lai was clumsy in words, he did not call the second brother, but called the third brother. The Qingsong Taoist bowed slightly and answered in a deep voice, "Last night after dusk, the Taoist of Lifeng, the contemporary head of the Huashan Sect, suddenly led seventeen sword-wearing Taoist to the south." Tian Xiuling breathed a sigh of relief and thought, "So this is just an old feud between the Zhongnan and Huashan factions. It has nothing to do with my grandmother." As soon as she read this,artificial grass panels, she could not help sighing: "Ren Xianggong, Ren Xianggong, since this is their private affair, why do you come to take care of it? Now you are seriously injured, but how can you live?" She thought that everything needed to wait until Ren Wuxin made decisions, the time was so urgent, and Ren Wuxin had suffered serious internal injuries, but did not know when to recover, and she was even more worried. The Taoist Qingsong answered,artificial coconut palm trees, "My Master, Elder Martial Brother Qingyun, for the sake of courtesy, although he knew that he had come in a different way, he was lucky to have led all the disciples of the sect to greet him respectfully outside the Xuanmiao Temple.". At that time, the night was coming, and dozens of lanterns were lit outside the gate to welcome the guests. Under the light of the fire, the face of the Taoist of Huashan Mountain was full of evil spirits. However, Elder Martial Brother Headmaster still treated them with courtesy, asked them the purpose of their visit with a smile, and asked them to come to the temple for tea. But the Taoist Priest Lifeng refused to enter the temple. He just said coldly, "Sixty years ago, Zhongnan Lu Zhenren led seventeen Zhongnan masters to Huashan Mountain. Today, the poor Taoist Priest also led seventeen masters to return the favor." "At that time, not only did Elder Martial Brother Headmaster change his color, but I was also secretly surprised. But Elder Martial Brother Headmaster said with a smile, faux ficus tree ,fake blossom tree," The past has become a cloud and smoke. Sixty years ago, the ancestors of you and me have made a break. In front of all the heroes in the world, we turned hostility into harmony. Why do you bother to turn harmony into hostility today? " "These words can be regarded as benevolence and righteousness, reason and reason, but Li Feng Taoist ignored them, and the Huashan Taoist behind him was even more insolent. Without saying anything, he pulled out his sword.". Only then did Elder Martial Brother Headmaster know that they had come with the determination to fight. He felt a little strange. He had heard that Taoist Priest Lifeng of Huashan Mountain was a modest gentleman, but today he was so rude and unreasonable? "And those Huashan disciples, one by one, did not look like a monk. Their faces were full of hostility. Everyone was holding the hilt of the sword tightly, as if they were ready to strike at any time, but no one spoke!"! My fourth Younger Martial Brother couldn't help it at first. He knelt down in front of Elder Martial Brother Headmaster and said that he couldn't help it. Stand up and fight, even if you are fighting against the rules. 。” Qingsong Taoist gushed at this point, and his voice gave him a slight pause. On his solemn face. With a look of deep grief, he said slowly, "I didn't know that my youngest and most promising Fourth Younger Martial Brother had lost his life in this battle." Before he had finished speaking, his eyes were filled with tears, his voice choked with sobs, and he could not say any more! Although Qingyun Taoist's eyelids closed tightly, the corners of his eyes could not help but burst into tears. Qingshi Taoist's heart was filled with grief and excitement. Suddenly, he said in a loud voice, "As soon as the Fourth Younger Martial Brother dies, the Poor Taoist and the Elder Martial Brother Headmaster have also made up their minds to fight the Huashan Sect to the death even if they don't hesitate to fall into the same mistakes as they did sixty years ago. The Third Younger Martial Brother has already returned to take his sword.".
But before he took out his sword, the eighteen Taoists of the Huashan Sect, disregarding the morality and justice of the martial arts world, suddenly killed him. In a twinkling of an eye, the eighteen long swords were waved together. With tears in his eyes, he answered in a harsh voice, "My disciple came out to welcome the guests. How could he wear a weapon on his body? Besides, I didn't expect the Taoist of Huashan Mountain to be so dangerous. Suddenly, I was caught off guard." But in three sentences, this door has been. Several disciples have been wounded by their swords. At that time, Elder Martial Brother Headmaster ordered me to take the sword.. He was clumsy in words, but now, because of the excitement in his chest, he blurted out in words. But at this point, his tone was choked with sobs, and his words were hard to say. Qingyun Taoist suddenly opened his eyes. Interface way: "Scuffle of the game, instantly spread out, in a moment, blood will be splashed all over the stone steps in front of the mysterious view!"! Disciples of this school are diligent in practicing martial arts day and night, but they are limited by the rules of the school. It can be said that they have never had the experience of fighting with others. They are not spicy enough, nor calm enough. In the face of such a sinister and ferocious opponent, in such a life-and-death struggle, they naturally suffer a great loss. Besides, they are all bare-handed and can not use the swordsmanship of our school of Zhongnan School, but this school has always been known for its swords I've never paid much attention to my fists and feet. The martial arts of the eighteen Taoists on the other side are so high that they are beyond the expectation of the poor Taoists. No matter which one of them is so high in martial arts, he deserves to be a first-class master in the martial arts world. But the poor way saw a surprising thing at this time. Although these eighteen people were highly skilled in martial arts and their moves were spicy, nine out of ten were not using the swordsmanship of Huashan Benmen. Hear here, Tian Xiuling heart can not help but is a Rin. The Taoist Qingsong grabbed his mouth again and said, "What they are using is not only the swordsmanship of this school of Huashan." And it turned out to be a variety of schools with different moves. Another person actually used the South China Sea Cape Sword from Hainan. It was really as urgent as the wind. The moves were vicious and only hated the poor way. All of them had never been in Jianghu. Although they recognized the sect of their swordsmanship, they could not see the origin of these people. Tian Xiuling suddenly blurted out,silk ficus tree, "Is the one who used the South China Sea Wind Sword a cripple?" "Yes, that man has only one arm," said the Qingsong Taoist. "How could Nu Tan Yue know?".
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