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Tianlongjia-Wolongsheng _ txt novel paradise (15th Dec 22 at 2:30am UTC)
Tianlongjia-Wolongsheng _ txt novel paradise
"It seems to have hurt me," said Xiang Qingyang. "But there's nothing I can do about it." "Will she kill you, Manager Xiang?" Asked Chuang Hsuan-chi. Xiang Qingyang hesitated for a moment and said, "Well, it's hard to say." "Manager Xiang," said Chuang Hsuan-chi, "from now on you'd better come with us." "Let me think about this one," said Xiang Qingyang. Chuang Hsuan-chi said, "We are already very upset that she wants to kill you. If you are really killed by her, not only will we be upset, but we will certainly avenge you." Xiang Qingyang smiled and said, "There is such a deep friendship between us that even I have some doubts." "It's not friendship," said Chuang Hsuan-chi. "Don't you see that? The people who come with me, no matter what their reputation in Jianghu is? At least, they all have blood. Xiang Qingyang nodded and said, "Perhaps they are forced by their situation to show a sense of solidarity." Chuang Hsuan-chi said with a smile, "They have already seen the matter of life and death. You have been friendly to us since we entered this grave of the living. If you are killed, we must be very sad. We don't know what kind of disturbance it will cause." Xiang Qingyang said, "I'm really flattered that the girl is so concerned about me." "Not me, but all of us," said Chuang Hsuan-chi. Liu Mei suddenly answered,jacuzzi manufacturers, "Manager Xiang, you have to believe what Miss Zhuang said. Take the younger sister as an analogy."! I like you very much in my heart. If you are hurt, my little sister will be the first to avenge you. "Miss Liu is joking," said Xiang Qingyang. Liu Mei said, "What I said is very true. When we met you just now, we really had a bad impression of you. However, after spending all this time together, we already have a little in our hearts. At least,endless pool swim spa, you are the best one for us." "Miss Liu.." said Xiang Qingyang. Liu Mei answered, "I'm telling the truth. I don't like to fake things, and I don't like to please others." "I believe that," said Xiang Qingyang. "If you really believe it," said Liu Mei, "then throw yourself into it. We have so many lives. Are they not as important as you?" "That's not what I mean," said Xiang Qingyang. "Miss Zhuang is a distinguished guest. You're all friends of Miss Zhuang. But I'm different. I'm the manager here. I can't betray the tomb of the living." Chuang Hsuan-chi said, "No one has advised you to turn away from the tomb of the living. I just want you to know how we all feel about you. If you are the manager of Xiang, we will not refuse to help you." Xiang Qingyang said, "I'll keep the girl's hospitality in mind. If I need it, I'll ask the girl for help." As he spoke, he was already in front of a mountain wall. Xiang Qingyang stopped and said, "Here we are. If you go further, you will find the Ice Cave." Zhuang Xuanji listened intently and felt the sound of the water gurgling like a ring. "Manager Xiang," he said with a slight smile, american hot tub ,5 person hot tub, "how far is this place from the flames?" "It's less than three Li," said Xiang Qingyang. "It's hot on one side and cold on the other. The magic of creation is really incredible." Zhuang Xuanji hesitated for a moment and said, "Manager Xiang, we've been to the Flame Cave, where the rocks are thick, and the firepower can't break through the mountain. So, I think, it must be artificially drawn out that the fire is hidden in the heart of the mountain, and the earth is hot." "I don't quite understand what Miss Xuanji means," said Xiang Qingyang. "I mean," said Chuang Hsuan-chi, "the fire and ice are all hidden deep in the mountainside, but they were brought out by artificial force and used as a place to practice." Xiang Qingyang nodded and said, "Yes, the Flame Cave and the Ice Cave are all artificially opened." "Who is this man?" Asked Chuang Hsuan-chi. Xiang Qingyang smiled and said, "The girl has been talking for a long time. It turns out that she just wants to find out who opened up the fire cave and the ice cave." Chuang Hsuan-chi said, "This project is not too big, but it is very arduous. You have to have very profound knowledge before you can start construction. You have to study geography very deeply." "Miss Xuanji doesn't have to look for this man," said Xiang Qingyang.
” "Why?" Asked Chuang Hsuan-chi. "Because he's already dead," said Xiang Qingyang. "Dead?" Asked Chuang Hsuan-chi. "Yes," said Xiang Qingyang, "his tomb is right in front of the ice cave." Zhuang Xuanji was silent. Xiang Qingyang rounded a bend to the front of a natural valley mouth. "This place is so cold," said Liu Mei. Originally, a near Taniguchi, immediately felt a chill, hit over. Xiang Qingyang pointed to a protruding tomb at the mouth of the valley and said slowly, "That's the tomb of the pedant Wu." Zhuang Xuanji saw that the tomb was no more than two feet high, with a radius of less than ten feet. He could not help sighing and said, "This man has made a lot of achievements for the tomb of the living. He has only built such a tomb for him." "Miss," said Xiang Qingyang, "this is already a special privilege. Have you ever seen a grave when you entered the tomb of the living?" "No," said Liu Mei. "Won't the people here die?" "A lot of people have died here," said Xiang Qingyang, "but most of them have been sent to the Flame Cave, and some of them have been taken away.." Give a wry smile and shut up. "Alas," said Liu Mei! Lord of Qingyang Castle is also a famous person in Jianghu. How can he become so hesitant? "Miss Liu," said Xiang Qingyang, "I suddenly feel that there are too many secrets." "Actually," said Liu Mei, "you've already said it. Why don't you say it? Manager Xiang, you're already sailing in the middle of the river and it's hard to turn back." Zhuang Xuanji said in a low voice, "Sister Liu, Manager Xiang told us on purpose. If he didn't have the intention, how could he leak it easily with his deep sophistication?" "I see," said Liu Mei. With a nervous look on his face, Xiang Qingyang glanced around and whispered, "Actually,indoor endless pool, I don't know what it is." Zhuang Xuanji was slightly stupefied and said, "Oh!"! What's wrong Xiang Qingyang said, "We only saw a hole in the cave. We only saw that the dead were sent into the cave. As for what was raised in the cave?"? I don't know. "Does it have to be human flesh?" Asked Chuang Hsuan-chi. 。
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