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Beggars Walk in the World-Author: Ge Yang (15th Dec 22 at 2:29am UTC)
Beggars Walk in the World-Author: Ge Yang
Every time the plot develops to a wonderful point, the script will also be annotated with comments in small print. Baili Tsing Yi probably understood the function of this east wing. Just by playing the name of the first talented woman, there would be endless customers pouring in to watch. If the big shopkeeper hadn't declared that all books in the east wing would not be sold, I'm afraid this wing would have been snatched up. Changed one, Bai Li Tsing Yi opened the first page, can not help laughing, only to see that page is written: "This book is not readable." He continues to turn over: "Can't read, you read again?" Turning over a few more pages, I found that the story in the book was just an easy-to-understand story of gifted scholars and beautiful women. In the blank space, however, it was still written in a careless way: "Reading this book will lead to eternal hatred." This book reviewer.. It's too noisy. When he came to the last page, a few lines of small print came into view, and he could not help laughing out loud. If you can't read it, you can see that you and I are both good friends of the layman on the south wall. Although we are on the same side, I have prepared a generous gift for you. Please take it after you are in low spirits. The south wall householder takes the meaning of not hitting the south wall and not turning back. This book reviewer, Miss Yin, is really very interesting. Baili Tsing Yi lifted the dispirited intention on the wall, and his lips curved beautifully. Found it. ※※ ※ "You are a child of great talent and dexterity. The only bad thing is that your temper is too flamboyant." "Does Aunt Nan mean that I did something wrong when I killed the prestige of those corrupt scholars?" It's not wrong, it's. You are a child who does not know how to play it safe. If you compete with others head-on, you will inevitably leave behind future trouble. "Aunt Nan, I have been diligent in reading poetry and books since I was a child. Although it is not for the sake of the name of a talented woman,Pi tape measure, I have been pitied by heaven and have some excellence. I always want to teach the world to see the ability of my daughter's family. I can't be despised.". In the face of injustice, we can't let a group of pedantic people run amuck. "Oh, not to mention your girl's family, even an upright man would not dare to be so arrogant." "Xiao'er is not proud of her talent. Xiao'er is just greedy. How many women can't get it in their lives? Xiao'er wants to show it to the people of the world." A wisp of breeze swept away many heroic words and fell to pieces. Shuiwuer shrank for a moment and looked up to see a piece of tung petal floating down from the treetop, floating and floating, right between her eyebrows. She couldn't help being confused, and there was a dull feeling in her heart. She coughed a few times, but she didn't cough up anything with color. It was very good. There are only seven kinds of sufferings in life: resentment and hatred, love and separation, and no desire. "Hum, want her to say, Wheel tape measure ,horse weight tape, it is the same actually, it is desirable to just want." Water girl? There was a gentle inquiry behind him. She was stunned for a moment, turned around, and saw a half-covered face. Said to cover half, in fact, that exposed half, but also barely will not frighten passers-by, as for the original facial features, is absolutely unable to identify. It is not difficult to imagine that the other half of the cover is absolutely beyond her acceptance. So she won't mention it. She's not curious. Even if that day is not the heart of Yuwen Cuiyu, for another ordinary woman, I am afraid will not accept such a husband, right? It's just that this ferocious man has a pair of gentle eyes. Master Qin. Remembering Uncle Jiao's command, she bent her body and was blessed. Qin Qiyun smiled in a friendly way: "I heard that Tsing Yi left a girl in the house. She was one of the little beggars that day. I was curious to come and have a look. I didn't want to see you. Instead, I thought there was nothing surprising." "What Master Qin said was that Wuer was just an ordinary beggar." Qin Qiyun was stupefied and quickly explained: "The water girl misunderstood. Qin said that the water girl was such an extraordinary and refined person. It's not surprising that Tsing Yi left you behind. If it were me, I couldn't bear to see the water girl suffer." Shuiwuer smiled when he heard this. This man's temperament is really straightforward and gentle and lovely, with a familiar sense of intimacy. It is said that Master Qin and the Prince of Tsing Yi are like brothers. When I saw him today, Master Qin was really a gentle and honest gentleman. "The water girl is overpraised." Qin Qiyun smiled bitterly. "What happened at the wedding banquet that day, the water girl also saw it with her own eyes. Qin was extremely ashamed.".
It's just that the only people who are really ashamed of Qin Mou's heart are the water girl and the water brothers. "We?" "Yes, if it hadn't been for Qin, the water brothers wouldn't have been seriously injured." "This matter.." What does it have to do with you? I.. If I had found out earlier that Cuiyu had no intention of me, there would have been no forced marriage by the old lady Yuwen, and there would have been no change on that day. “……” "Master Qin, it's Miss Yuwen's loss to abandon you." Shui Wuer lowered his eyes to collect the emotion of deep thinking. …… Ah "Does Master Qin really have no hatred for the Childe of Tsing Yi?" Qin Qiyun changed color and said, "Tsing Yi is the man who saved my life and saved my heart. Why should I hate him?" "That is to say, Master Qin still hates him in his heart." She tugged at the corners of her mouth. Qin Qiyun frowned and said, "It's not Tsing Yi's fault. He can't help it." Shui Wuer read his expression carefully and suddenly sighed deeply, "What is the virtue and ability of Baili Qingyi? You treat him like this." "Tsing Yi is Frank and generous. I was seriously injured that day, my appearance was destroyed, and my memory was completely lost. If it hadn't been for his painstaking rescue, how could there be today's broad-minded Qin Qiyun?" You.. Can't you recover any memory so far? Qin Qiyun shook his head and said, "It's a pity that my appearance has been destroyed. Otherwise, someone who knew me before might come to recognize me." "It is indeed a pity." Her eye drifted away. But if it weren't for amnesia, maybe I wouldn't have such a simple and easy life today. He cast his eyes into the distance. "Maybe I used to be a great evil in Wulin, and everyone wanted to get rid of it." Shui Wuer smiled and said, "Master Qin is really a talent." She rose from the edge of the lake,Horse weight lbs, patted her skirt, and turned to leave. Water girl.. Where are you going? "I just said Uncle Jiao would take you out to bask in the sun, but in fact I'm in a daze here. Now I'm telling you the truth: I want to leave Baili Mansion." "You're leaving?" Qin Qiyun was in a daze. She smiled and nodded.
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