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Those who break my power will be teased even thoug (15th Dec 22 at 2:22am UTC)
Those who break my power will be teased even though they are cold.
Although the movements are not complicated, the expression of each movement requires precision and power, which is still very difficult for those who have never been exposed to modern dance. Therefore, when Promise quietly opened the back door of the training room and poked his head in, what he saw was the ugly dancing posture of Yu Guwan. Promise secretly frightened: there are still players who can dance like this. It seems that this late return is really not able to pass the first hurdle. She shook her head and closed the door silently. Ye Hao also frowned very tightly: Yu Guiwan's dancing level was even worse than he had imagined. But the gun dance she had performed earlier was really shocking. What a strange girl! It's hard to know whether she can dance or not. But as far as the performance at this moment is concerned, she can almost say that she has no dance foundation, and the first round of the competition is not optimistic. Yu Gui finished a clumsy dance in the evening and turned his head to see Ye Hao's ugly face. She stuck out her tongue and laughed twice: "Teacher Ye, I dance very badly, I know." Without saying a word, Ye Hao opened the small storage cabinet in the training room, took a sandwich out, and shook it in the evening. For me? Yu Gui's eyes lit up in the evening, and his stomach "cooed" twice. Ye Hao paused and threw the sandwich out with a trace of disgust: "Hurry to practice after eating.". Far from it! "Thanks!" Yu Gui went to catch the sandwich with an arrow in the evening, opened the package and took a big bite. Ye Hao said "Tut": "Pay attention to the appearance of eating. Those who don't know think I'm feeding the dog. With that in his mouth, he dropped another bottle of mineral water in his hand. The girl took the water, shook it at him to show her gratitude, and then poured it into her stomach. Practice for a long time, she is really hungry and thirsty, Ye Hao at the moment is comparable to the reborn parents. Ye Hao saw that she was really eating and drinking like a very hungry and thirsty dog, and her heart suddenly softened. "Actually,Stainless Steel Square Pipe," he said thoughtfully, "I think your first round is a little difficult. I'll do my best to make sure you don't have a bad time. You don't have to put too much pressure on yourself. You don't have to come here so early to practice, you don't have to eat so much, you don't need to work too hard, you just have to practice according to my plan, although you can't win the first round, but you can leave in style. After leaving, I will pave the way for you to make your future bright. Yu Gui Wan swallowed a mouthful of water and gave a sneer. He looked at Ye Hao rather unruly. He raised his chin and asked,304 Stainless Steel Sheet, "Teacher Ye, who said we were leaving?"? Even if I am tired to death, I will win! The author has something to say: Second watch ~ Chapter 35 After saying this, Yu Gui ate the sandwich in a few bites, with the same unruly smile on his face. After drinking the water in her hand, she twisted the cap of the bottle, raised her hand and threw it, and the bottle was thrown high over Ye Hao, as if it had a long eye and fell steadily into the trash can with a "bang". Taking out a pack of paper towels from her pocket, she slowly wiped her mouth clean, rolled the paper towels into a ball and threw them into the trash can, and then opened her mouth: "My mother has always taught me to eat and sleep without saying a word, saying that this is what a lady should do.". I broke the precepts just now for you. "In that case, I'll talk to you now." "If I'm the only one, 304 Stainless Steel Wire ,304 Stainless Steel Bar, I can really relax, not think about winning, as long as there is a magnificent ending." "I just need people to remember me, remember the name of Yu Gui Wan, and remember that there was a girl who struggled on this stage." Then, she stripped Shi Mengjie's sheepskin, so that the world can see clearly the true face of this evil wolf, which is also worthy of the original body. But now that I have teammates, everything is different. My teammates, they have a lot of problems. There are those who are timid and vulnerable, those who force themselves to smile and feel nervous, those who are too calm and lack of feelings, and those whose minds are uncertain and difficult to distinguish between people and ghosts. "But no matter what happens to them in the future, this time, I have to take them to win." They are my soldiers.
I took them to this battlefield, and I had to get them back alive with all their beards! "This is my responsibility, even if I die, even if I bleed, I must complete the responsibility!" At this point, she smiled, and her beautiful eyes, which had always been glittering and translucent, were now shining with cold light. Teacher Ye, "she spoke slowly." It doesn't matter if you don't understand what I said just now. I don't expect you to understand. " It's just that I want to work with my teammates to win, not to lose well! If you only want the latter, why don't we go our separate ways now, so as not to embarrass each other later? The temperature in the training room seems to be a little lower. The expression on Ye Hao's face was motionless, and only the eyes that had charmed all living beings turned around on Yu Gui's late face. Yu came home late without saying a word and let him look at him. She also thought clearly, the big deal is to break up with Ye Hao, but to make the difficult road more difficult, there is no big difference in essence. From the very beginning, she did not place much hope on Ye Hao's guidance, which, after all, was just icing on the cake. If the team is disunited and demoralized, even if the immortals come, it will be difficult to be reborn. Those people all regarded Ye Hao as a God, and if the mentor said they would lose, they would never stand up again. She would rather not have this mentor! But even though he thought so clearly, under Ye Hao's eyes, Yu Gui's palms were still gradually sweating a little. In fact, after only a dozen seconds, she felt as if time had stood still. Finally, Ye Hao opened his mouth. Have you finished eating? "Hm?" "Hurry up to train after eating." "Hm?" "There are so many kung fu to talk nonsense," Ye Hao snorted coldly,Stainless Steel Decorative Pipe, "you can learn three movements." He took one look at Yu Gui Wan, who was a little confused, turned around and reopened the video. What are you waiting for? He frowned and his tone was obviously bad. Don't you want to win? Can you win by lip service alone? "Coming!" Yu Guiwan darted over and jumped up again with the video.
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