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Pei Tian _ Cang Yue _ txt Novel Paradise (8th Dec 22 at 1:00am UTC)
The concave crevice of the stone slab at his feet was stained with blood, and there was a broken fingernail! The wailing that was not like a human voice was still coming from her ears, and at that moment, she had some impulse to leave: after all, she had gone against the wishes of the family by sneaking out this time. It's all right to come here secretly. If it gets out, I'm afraid it will become the laughing stock of the top ten families again, and the engagement that her father has just tried his best to make for her will be ruined. And in their top ten families, what kind of husband to marry will determine the status and fate of a woman's life-if there is an accident this time, she will not be able to rise in the top ten families in her life. However, when she was ready to turn around, another force in her heart pulled her firmly in place. Nope Can't go. We can't just leave! She clenched her lower lip with her teeth, forced herself to be quiet, and looked steadily at the closed door-no, she must see that man today! Otherwise I may never have a chance to see you again in my life. The inner conflict is fierce, suddenly heard a "squeak", the iron door finally opened, a strong smell of blood came, choking her for a time can not breathe. "Oh,wholesale plastic pallet, I've kept Miss Ming waiting." In the dark doorway, a man came out and smiled. The door was no more than four feet high, reaching only the shoulders of ordinary people, and if you wanted to enter, you had to bend down. Out of it, however,spill plastic pallet, came a dwarf who was only three feet tall. The dwarf had a strange inverted triangular head, almost a quarter of his height, pointed like a cone, which looked ridiculous and horrible. He walked out of the prison door that led to the death row, wrapped around his waist in the calf-nosed shorts worn by the iron master in the Iron City, and hung with keys and all kinds of strange tools. As soon as he came out, he brought out a fishy wind, which was disgusting to the nose. Seeing the woman standing outside the door waiting with a black veil on her face, she grinned and shook the thing in her hand with a look of great pride: "I'm sorry to let Miss Ming wait for a long time.". I just did a beautiful job, and it took a lot of time. The speech of the most cruel official in the empire was very elegant, but this kind of gentleness seemed cold and terrible in the prison of living hell. He was short and fat, and his manner was a little slow, but his hands were small and slender, plastic wheelie bins ,stackable plastic pallets, and he did not look like a dwarf at all. The ten fingers are flexible and slender, and can skillfully operate all kinds of instruments of torture. She looked at the soft snow-white thing in his hand, as if her throat was stuck by an invisible hand, unable to say a word, and her footsteps moved back subconsciously. As soon as Xin Cone came out, the four-foot-high iron gate behind him slowly closed by itself-but at the moment of opening, the cry inside could no longer be blocked clearly, tearing his heart and lungs, like the roar of beasts. Between the glances of the door opening, she saw a blood-red figure hanging from the wall inside. The man was hung on the rack with his hands apart, his shackles nailed to his palms, and the chains were nailed directly through his palms into the wall behind him. The ankles were heavily shackled, and the whole person was pulled apart and nailed to death, like a tall and straight specimen. The blood-red man was still trembling slightly, but there was no sound. She looked at the strange dwarf and felt as if a small, cold snake had crept up its back. Who is that man on the wall? Could it be.. -In his hand.. What is the thing in your hand? "Do you want to know what it is?" As if to understand her mind, Xin Cone laughed and raised the things in his hands, "very complete skin." The guy from Hokuetsu County has good skin, but he doesn't have any scars or birthmarks. It took me a whole day to peel it from the top. The cold snake suddenly caught her heart and lungs, and she covered her mouth to prevent herself from crying out. Hokuetsu County? Fortunately, it's not him. It's not him. Don't be nervous, Miss. "Xin Cone put away the human skin, wiped his bloodstained hand on his calf nose shorts, and laughed." This is a good thing-washed and embroidered with all kinds of hair, soft and delicate, much better than what you bought from the embroidery shop.
” She couldn't say a word. Suddenly she took a step back and bent down to vomit. Alas.. Seeing her like this, Xin Cone could not help sighing, showing the expression of pity, "are you not used to it?"? The young lady came here rashly, and it was really easy to be frightened. He came over and tried to help her up. She screamed as if she had been bitten by a snake and jumped back. You You Don't come any closer. She gasped and murmured, "Don't come over." 'Good. I'm not coming over. Xin Cone was very gentle, grinned, and sat down on a bench with a leather cushion on one side. Shi Shiran looked at her. "The young lady just asked someone to send in such a big box of treasures. I'm really flattered. I don't know what the young lady wants to ask for?" "I.." She collected herself and tried to explain the purpose of her trip. Somehow, however, the words stopped in her throat-the teaching she had received since childhood made it difficult for her to say them in one breath. She was silent behind the black veil, her fingers trembling slightly. Do you want to buy a death row prisoner back as a slave? Or do you want to open your eyes? Xin Cone grinned and looked at the pale aristocratic woman with an insightful expression. "Don't be embarrassed.". I know that the young ladies of your top ten families are very bored on weekdays and need something exciting to relieve their boredom. The dwarf shook his cone-shaped head and felt a little proud. "It's absolutely right to come here. To tell you, not only Lord Wu Gu and Lord Wu Luo are frequent visitors here, but also Lord Wu Xian asked me for ten prisoners on death row a few days ago, saying that he wanted to use them for alchemy." Her face became more and more pale and her figure was tottering. Xin Cone waited for a moment, and gradually became impatient-who is this woman of the witch clan? What on earth does a man want to do when he comes to this place with a box of jewels? "Take your time,collapsible bulk container, miss," he said, rising. "I have to get rid of this skin first — otherwise it will go bad." 。
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