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The days when I pretended to be a cat in the Forbi - Posted By Chukwumoge (chukwumoge) on 8th Dec 22 at 1:39am
Uh? Are you curious where there are trees in our yard? Since you went there, there has been no one to use our martial arts field. One day when I was wandering in the yard, I saw that the seeds from somewhere had taken root and sprouted in the soil tamped by you. I was in a good mood that day, so I thought it was not easy, so I took a flower hoe to loosen the soil for it, and loosened that piece so that it could grow. I'm also a little curious about what this is. Who knows this little thing can also grow, every day can be thick on a circle, but I have to go to loosen the soil, can make my old waist tired yo! But there is also a harvest, it grows fast, but in a few years it has become the most conspicuous tree in this area. It's just that no one knows what kind of tree it is. It grows fast and is easy to block the light. So I often climb the tree and cut the branches. It's useless to cut the branches, so I use them to make paper. The paper is not bad. I didn't give it to others when they asked for it, so I used it to write to you. Now some people in Luoyang have raised peonies, and we have planted several plants in our yard, don't say. I grow flowers very well, and there are many people who want the seedlings I grow. Don't worry about not seeing it, I'll draw it for you. Unexpectedly, I also learned to draw. What I sent to you this time is my painting. You have to appreciate it for me. Can you see it? Those smelly boys all say that my painting is good, but who knows whether they are sincere or not, I am afraid they are not coaxing me. Ha ha ha. Do you know why they coax me? Because their homework is assigned by me! Although I didn't have time to take care of a child,Cold Drawn Steel Tubes, I did. I opened an enlightenment school for them, using the books you gave me at that time. These kids are so smart. As soon as they saw me painting, they didn't know what I was painting, so they picked ways to praise me. As for me, I was naturally not moved. It was so easy to be bribed there. Last time I drew a picture of Luoyang City and made them look at it and write an article of three hundred words. They were so worried that their little eyebrows would fall off. Zihe, have you ever seen Dahei down there? Dahei hasn't come out since you went there, and his friend hasn't come back either. I thought.. He should have gone to your place? If it's really in your place,stainless steel tube 304, I'll tell you in a dream, and I won't have to prepare any more jerky. Right, right, a few days ago, Zijian told me that he wanted to draw a portrait of you, and I drew a picture of you in my memory. Zijian said that he looked too weak. Ha ha ha ha, you have to scold him in his dream. He also asked me to draw you when you were younger and older, saying that it was more powerful. I'm drawing, and I think you look good in any way. Ture. Then, I didn't want him to use it. I deliberately made you look ugly. You know, don't blame me. After all, I'm still a novice in painting. But I also painted myself a little ugly, and it's not bad for us to be ugly little old men together. Say, Zihe, side impact beams ,side impact door beams, you have been gone for many years, but you really haven't dreamed of it. I'm really, I'm a little angry. Five, Zi and Cong Shu, Zhan Xinjia. I am Zijian, writing on behalf of the teacher. The teacher said: Now he was a little curious whether his uncle was lonely when he was walking alone in the afterlife? But he doesn't have to worry about it. Uncle Cong must be waiting for him. Uncle Cong has worked hard. It shouldn't take long.. Please also make a preparation from the uncle, from the uncle left these years, I do not know can buy a house in the afterlife? Remember to prepare some special products of the afterlife. He will go with the good wine at home. When we meet, we must get drunk and relieve our worries. If Uncle Cong had been reincarnated at this time, it would be just as well, and he would not blame Uncle Cong. Just bother to wait for him from the uncle, he will soon be able to catch up, just hope not to miss. The teacher also said, "He answered my uncle's previous wish to live well and try to live a long life.". Work hard to assist His Majesty. There is no big regret in this life, only a small regret. Is unable to hold from the hand of the uncle, white head to the afterlife. If there is an afterlife, please don't go before him. Even if you go somewhere first, don't force him to take such an oath. He, has been waiting for some, disrelish this life. Life is too long.
The teacher also said.. Because Cong Shu had never said anything about the method of burial before, he thought that Cong Shu had answered his idea, and the method of burial was to open the coffin and bury together, as he had said in his previous letter. He still hoped that when Uncle Cong was destined to meet him underground, he would recognize him at a glance. If he couldn't recognize him at a glance, he would recognize Uncle Cong at a glance in the next life. Take this as a bet, and whoever loses will be the last person in the next life. When I wrote this book, I was still a person in the world. When you read this book, I should have been a ghost in the underworld. We should be reunited. My name is Xia Enron. My courtesy name is Jingxi. I was born in Chenggao. I am sixty years old. I was born in the year of the rabbit. Now I have no official title. I serve one thousand stones a year. "There are no relatives in the family, but there are a number of students. The family has two properties and a shop in Luoyang." "Zihe, my heart is pleased with you." The author has something to say: change the personal pronouns, all changed to you and me, look more comfortable. Changed Simiao to Zhongjing, Emma, how did I become Simiao (embarrassed) You miscalculated the age. Tsao Chun is 6-7 years older than Xia Miao. Xia Miao was 45 years old when he died, but Tsao Chun himself was about 53 years old. That era is not long, after all, Tsao chwun itself is against the day to change his life, he also died young in history. Also, some babies say they don't think there's anything wrong with double 11? No. Don't you think it's the right day to send it. Chapter 128 late autumn in the Forbidden City (1). In November of the Forbidden City, Ginkgo biloba has completely turned golden, with brick red stone walls, the collision of colors makes the scenery full of Oriental classical beauty. Old buildings, because of this touch with a little naughty gold, are dyed with lively colors. As soon as November arrives,Cold Drawn Seamless Tubes, there will be fewer tourists, partly because Beijing has entered the warning period of autumn haze, and partly because there will be fewer tourists after the National Day Golden Week.